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Innovative tools for social integration

friends play
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                        The "friends' play" model    (

The "Friends' play" model is a psycho-pedagogical intervention that was elaborated as a doctoral dissertation at PARIS V University (the first PhD for Asperger syndrome in Greece and France), based on a long-term research and clinical experience. It includes individual and group training (children interact in a group with peers), intervention in the school (during break time) and in various children's play activities

The "Friends' play" model targets preschool, primary school children and teenagers  with Asperger syndrome, facing difficulties in their social life, having low self-esteem, learning difficulties, behavioral problems.  They  seek to develop their social skills, gain self-confidence and belief  in their abilities, and improve their self-image.

The activities are based on specific programs for social and emotional development and are tailored to their interests. They are inspired by play and art and incorporate role-playing, psychomotive  exercises, traditional games, group painting, artistic expression games, team building  games that enable them to communicate effectively within a team environment. Children are encouraged to communicate properly with their peers, team up, take initiatives, share their concerns and express their feelings.

challenge up


                 "Challenge Up":  Group coaching in social skills  (

   This innovative coaching program, which I designed, aims to improve the social skills of adults aged 18 to 45, with Asperger's syndrome. It includes communication and social integration techniques for adults with difficulties in communication and autonomy, so that they can have the social life they want and be able to obtain and keep a job.  
The "Challenge Up" is tailored to meet the needs of group members and topics include non-verbal communication, making and maintaining relationships, conversation skills, appropriate use of social media, etc. The intention of such groups is to improve the development of these skills that often are so compromised. Through role playing and other peer interaction exercises, participants develop the skills for maintaining conversation, gaining perspective, playing appropriately, controlling emotional expression, negotiating conflict, and experiencing  intimacy.

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                "Du ciel et du sel". Coaching through travelling 

   The concept of combining a "theoretical" approach with the experimentation of this coaching, during a stay abroad is unique! Traveling allows you to work on independence, communication skills, time management, persistence in effort, cooperation - teamwork / teamworking,... All these skills are necessary to managing the daily life of "atypical" people but are also  important for their socio-professional life. The idea of this coaching program is linked to the beneficial effects of travel, not only for adultes with Asperger syndrome but also for so-called "neurotypical" people.

   The beauty of the landscape, the responsibility for daily management and the participation to physical and creative activities that we propose, help them to develop their interpersonal skills, to be psychically renewed, to develop their ability to be adapted to new environments and situations, to discover, actually, new limits of themselves.

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